Doing the same thing and expecting a different result? Forget about it!

VISTA takes an entirely different approach to solving the energy challenges of businesses, government and not-for-profits. It’s ‘Energy Done Differently’.

It’s a service so unique, so original – and so obvious when you see it – that the most common reaction we get from our clients is: “It’s a no-brainer!

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Our Process

Step 1: The Audit

First, we do a combination of desktop and on-site audits of your lighting, refrigeration, airconditioning, voltage-susceptible motors and potential for solar. We also review your current electricity supply contracts and hours of operation of the relevant equipment.

Step 2: The Proposal

Next, we create a model of your energy consumption across different equipment and estimate the savings we can achieve by deploying energy-efficient solutions. We may also recommend adding a solar system to generate cheaper power on-site. From this modelling, we prepare and present a formal proposal for your consideration.

Step 3: Measurement

Once you’re happy with the solutions we’ve proposed, Vista Energy will develop a project implementation schedule and commence installation preparations.

As each stage is implemented, we measure and report the decrease in energy consumption.
From this data, we refine the Service Agreement to match the actual findings until we have an agreement that accurately reflects the savings we’ve been able to generate.

Step: 4 The Review

Finally, we debrief with you after 60 days of continuous use to make sure you’re a happy client.

Don't miss out: join the revolution!

There’s so much happening in the energy space, from massive improvements in equipment efficiency to smart controls, intelligent monitoring and the explosion of solar power. It’s nothing short of a revolution.


Many businesses, however, are getting left behind and are missing out on the cost savings their competitors are able to achieve.


And that is why VISTA exists…

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